Daikin - Sander Kleine


Sander Kleine
Role: Account Manager
Working with Kiwa since 2013

What does your company do?

“Originating from Japan we are a multinational supplier of innovative heating and cooling solutions. We pioneer new heat pump technologies and in 2016 we took an important step towards more sustainable air conditioning systems with the development of the R-32 refrigerant.”

What services or products do you buy?

“For our latest generation of heat pumps we wanted to obtain declarations in accordance with the Dutch standard NEN 7120. We appointed Kiwa’s specialist heat pump team in Apeldoorn to carry out the appliance testing and preparation of the necessary declarations.”

Why did you choose Kiwa?

“It is increasingly important to bring new products to the market quickly. So when we wanted to speed up the launch of our new electric heat pump, also based on the refrigerant R-32, we were looking for an experienced and accredited test partner. Kiwa was the obvious choice.”

What do you value most in your relationship with Kiwa?

“Kiwa's test lab staff are real heat pump experts, professionals with a wealth of experience. They are not only perfectly aware of the technical aspects of heat pumps, but can also relate these to all applicable regulations and standards in the field of heat pumps in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. It was great to see how Kiwa and Daikin specialists truly worked together."