Future and competitor proof with new robust technology

Ever since its foundation in 1994 Retigo has focused on high end combi ovens for the food service industry. The company is proud of remaining one of the last independent manufacturers of combi ovens in the world. ‘Thanks to our financial stability and technological facilities we can flexibly react to the needs of our customers’, says technical director Rumen Rusev. ‘One of the primary prerequisites for success is an outstanding level of sales and post-sales services.’

Expert in gas appliances

However, the competition in the market that Retigo services has become extremely strong over the last couple of years. So when the company started working on a new range of gas fired combi ovens Retigo decided external expertise in the field of gas appliances was needed. Rumen Rusev: ‘We wanted our new ovens to be powered by high quality and high efficiency gas appliances. We already knew Kiwa Technology as an expert in developing and certifying gas appliances, something that was acknowledged by other oven specialists.’

Complex project

Retigo and Kiwa Technology started working together early 2013. ‘Our goal was to develop a new high efficiency gas system for the new generation of Retigo combi ovens. As the project was very complex, the activities were divided into four packages, each with its own deliverables and work description. Despite the distance between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands we worked together really closely, with a lot of contact through mail and telephone and the regular visits from Retigo responsibles to Kiwa in Apeldoorn.’

Sales growth

The collaboration between Retigo and Kiwa Technology led to a newly designed heat exchanger and gas burner. ‘Both of them have proven to be very robust. The new generation of gas fired combi ovens is currently being sold all over the world. Having the complete gas fired combi oven range helps a lot in our daily business. We now offer a complete range of high quality model electrical and gas powered ovens. This helped us to keep our average annual sales growth over 15% in the last couple of years.’

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