Solar fields inspection services

Globally we strive to generate energy in a sustainable way. That is why in recent years the amount of solar fields has increased enormously, because it enables energy suppliers to offer their customers green energy. These solar fields need to be safe, for both human and nature, and needs to be managed. Kiwa can help you to do both with our solar field inspection services.

Solar field lifetime assessment



Nature inclusive solar parks (NISP)

As stated: solar parks are popping up en masse. On the one hand this is a good development because of the necessary energy transition, but on the other hand the impact on biodiversity is often forgotten. That is why it is important to keep the delicate ecosystems on top of mind when one builds a new solar field. That is where Kiwa’s NISP services kick-in By constructing a Nature Inclusive Solar Park (NISP), sustainable energy is generated while biodiversity remains intact. Companies who successfully run through the certification trajectory can demonstrate with their NISP certificate the construction of their solar park is responsible and truly sustainable.