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Would you like to work in a company that belongs to the market leaders for Inspection and Certification? In an organisation that enhances transparency for quality and safety in a great number of markets and diversified fields on an international level? And where you contribute to a sustainable and safer world? Apply for a job at Kiwa <Company name>!


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Apply for this job as <job title> at <Division> in <Kiwa company>.

Would you like to fulfill an interesting and diversified role in a growing company? Send your CV and motivation letter to <First Name, Last Name Contac> (Human Resources) ( / before DD-MM-YYYY).

Any questions about the job or working at Kiwa? Contact <First Name, Last Name Contact> (about your role) or <First Name, Last Name Contact> (job title) at telephone 088-9983084 (First name contact) or 06-53365587 (First name contact). We would like to connect with you!


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