Working for Kiwa means working in an organisation that achieves results. Our internal motto is 'We ARE Kiwa', where the A, R, E stand for Ambitious, Reliable and Engaged. That's how we want to be and act towards colleagues, customers and all others we interact with. Common sense, getting the job done and a positive approach characterises each Kiwa man or woman.

Personal development

We value personal development of anyone working for Kiwa and encourage to be ambitious and to pursue ideals. As the number of decision levels within our organisation is limited, there is ample room for your own initiatives. We foster a creative approach in an open and honest working climate where cooperation is of paramount importance. Together, we create trust!

Job opportunities

We're continuously looking for people with a drive and curiosity who rather see challenges than problems, who are eager to find creative solutions and who seek to promote these.

Current positions

Assessor - Animal Feed Schemes (Sub Contractor) Harrogate
Highways Technician Derby
Structural Investigations Concrete Technician Derby
Data Science Lead Cheltenham
Electrical Test Technician Blackwood
Farm and Food Schemes Co-ordinator Harrogate
Trainer Assessor Cheltenham