Gas Installer Courses

Natural Gas Training

Kiwa Training is an established provider of domestic, commercial, LPG gas installer training courses. Our impressive training facilities in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire enable you to train on a range of appliances from different manufacturers, so that you are familiar with the various boilers, heaters and cookers that you'll come across in your day-to-day work. We also deliver I-GAS courses.

Please note: it is a mandatory requirement for all Competent Persons Schemes that registrants working under any scheme operator such as Cert-ain, renew their competencies every 5 years by law. For entrant to the industry this is a useful read: How do I become a Gas Engineer?


Hydrogen Training

We also deliver a one-day hydrogen-centred course for professionals working in the gas supply and appliance industries, approved by IGEM for the purposes of CPD.