23 March 2021



For, over 12 months, the Chile RF Regulatory Approval process has been particularly challenging , and unpredictable, which has created uncertainty in the market place, and made the reliable scheduling of Approvals in this country very difficult.

This was driven by a combination of the regulator Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones de Chile (SUBTEL), both remodeling, and implementing a new Type Approval policy during 2019, whilst simultaneously moving towards an ever more assertive position in terms of technical compliance to the Chilean spectrum limits.

One key area of this new technical policy has been the progressive advancement over the past 3 years, of the requirement for bespoke test reports that demonstrate compliance to the Chilean regulatory limits (vs the FCC or EU limits), with specific requirements for reporting of output powers, and local frequency bands.

This divergence from accepting FCC or EU (ETSI) test reports, accompanied by a manufacturers declaration to adhere to local limits (a practice which is adopted routinely in most other countries), has been a formidable obstacle for industry to work around, and one made more complex, by the fact that SUBTEL do not prepare & issue their own reports in line with their own requirements.

The onus on conducting tests to the Chilean limits, and preparing bespoke test reports that will be accepted by SUBTEL is the responsibility of manufacturer, and their appointed laboratory for EU / FCC testing. Kiwa Product Compliance understand this can present a significant challenge for manufacturers.

Kiwa Product Compliance have invested heavily in our regulatory solution for Chile, both with the interface with SUBTEL (via our own in-house native Spanish speakers), and crucially with the various test labs globally, who’s reports are the key to a successful, and timely Chile Approval delivery.

Whether your product is a standard Bluetooth, 2.4GHz Band 5GHz WLAN device, a 900MHz RFID reader, or a proprietary radio technology, Kiwa Product Compliance can help you navigate and interpret the Chile technical, administrative, and reporting requirements, so that your application is right, first time.

With our proven track record of delivery, detailed knowledge of the Chile requirements, and keen focus on technical diligence - the timely delivery of your Approvals in this country can be assured.