17 February 2021


Type Approval with the Egyptian regulator, NTRA, can appear daunting at first glance. However, with over 15 years of experience, our dedicated Regulatory Team can provide professional and efficient solutions to suit your needs.



Whether your device is eligible for the relatively straight forward Light or Intermediate Type Approval Schemes, or if it will need to follow the Tight or Guided Type Approval Schemes, PCS has the expertise to help you through the process. Initial navigation through these schemes and in what circumstances they apply can be tough to work through and depends on various factors.

The predominant factors in determining which of the four Type Approval schemes will need to be followed is the factory and brand owner locations, and accreditations which they hold.

Please see the table below for a high-level breakdown (correct as of today) of which Type Approval Scheme applies in which circumstances:


Under the Light and Intermediate schemes, it’s also important that the original test laboratory used has the correct accreditations in place. Again, depending on their location the requirements can vary in terms of number of accepted accreditations, so it’s important to check this as early on as possible.

Under the Tight scheme, this indicates that the device must be retested by an NTRA accredited laboratory and existing reports cannot be used.

Where the Guided scheme will apply, the factory will need to be inspected by the NTRA.

For any consultancy or Approval queries relating to NTRA’s Tight, Light, Intermediate and Guided schemes, please get in touch with us at info@productcompliancespecialists.com