13 November 2021

South Korea


The Regulatory Approval process for South Korea often has a reputation for being more demanding than in many other countries. The regulations for Radio and EMC set forth by the regulatory Authority - Ministry of Science and ICT, and policed by the Certification Body, the Radio Research Agency, are undoubtedly uncompromising, and can be challenging for manufacturers.

At Kiwa Product Compliance we understand these challenges well, and for the over 15 years have been providing a highly professional, technically informed, customer focused, compliance management solution for South Korea, led by our in house team of Korea compliance experts based in both the UK & China.

Together, in partnership with some of the most reputable, reliable, and knowledgeable test houses in South Korea, we have obtained over 750 South Korean Approval Certificates, covering a diverse range of products and technologies, including:

  • BT, WLAN, NFC, WWAN (3G/4G), Propriety SRD, ZigBee, and RFID
  • Consumer Electronics - tablets, mobile phones, home automation
  • Industrial Electronics - sensors, scanners, mobile work terminals, PoS devices, RFID readers
  • Non-RF, ITE Devices, and peripherals - Power supplies, charging docks, battery chargers
  • Li-Ion Batteries

We fully understand the complexities and sensitivities of local testing in South Korea (including RF, EMC & SAR), with a comprehensive understanding of the Korean (KN) standards, and their application - with a critical appreciation of where the rules, requirements, and methodology diverge from EU and FCC standards.

Cost is important too of course, and we understand costs for this country are a subjective issue. Without a full appreciation of ‘the why’, a cost may appear to be unduly expensive, or deceivingly cheap.

Kiwa Product Compliance deliver a balanced approach to South Korea, ensuring the price manufacturers pay, is a true-value-for money service, combining the best of Kiwa Product Compliance, with Korean partners you can trust - delivering local test reports and certificates that are fully compliant with the Korean laws that meet your needs for years to come.