Leveraging a modular approval?

While modular approval is generally a flexible and cost effective approach, manufacturers should take care to understand the limitations and restrictions on the leveragability of the modular approval and the additional requirements that may exist, both from an RF perspective (modular approval is not acceptable at all in some countries) or the EMC, Safety or Energy Efficiency requirements applicable to the host product into which the module will be installed.

Have a family of products that you wish to approve?

For families of products, it is particularly important to consider the global market that you intend to export your products into as early as possible and ideally before defining your FCC and CE test strategy.  

The approach we see taken by many labs for product families while entirely suitable from an FCC / CE perspective often does not lend itself well when applying for international type approvals causing manufacturers to suffer significant additional costs. 

PCS’s expert regulatory staff are happy to discuss a global regulatory strategy with customers in advance of their European and US testing and can advise the most cost effective approach for global market access.

Re-branding a previously approved product?

PCS have a wealth of experience in re-branding and can advise you on the requirements and necessary actions required globally.

Integrating a radio into your previously non-RF product range?

With radios being integrated into an increasingly diverse array of products, PCS are now frequently assisting manufacturers who, while experts in their own field, have no prior experience of RF certification.

Our helpful and supportive PCS projects managers take care to ensure that all of our clients’ questions answered and that the best approval strategy is defined for their products.  We are committed to ensuring that all our clients feel confident and secure in the knowledge that their project is in safe hands.

PCS can offer a truly global coverage and are well placed to advise customers on the specific regulatory requirements in all countries that they are interested in importing to and selling in. 

Please visit our Country List for a full list of schemes supported and for further details on PCS’s fully inclusive service, please click here.