30 November 2020


Like many industries, commercial agriculture is no exception in the remodeling and modernization of its operations to capitalize on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technical revolution.

Whether it be technology for Livestock Management, Precision Agriculture, or Smart Greenhouses, IoT devices utilizing RF technology is helping shape radical improvements in farming; from optimization of machinery routes, remote monitoring of herds, or climate control of green houses, IoT is driving forward huge efficiencies in labor saving, waste reduction, cost control, and yield improvement.

With the integration of RF technology, a new market access challenge must also be addressed - Global Regulatory Approval.

  • With many of the world’s most agriculturally productive countries being beyond the EU and North America, CE / FCC Approval for RF will not be sufficient in many countries. IoT devices for rural industries are subject to the same RF/EMC/Safety Regulatory Approval requirements as better known and more numerous consumer electronics such as tablets and smartphones. 
  • Manufacturers of agricultural IoT devices such as herd monitoring trackers, and smart irrigation systems and which utilize SRD technologies including Bluetooth, and 434MHz will need a solid Approvals partner to help get their products safely to market.

Product Compliance Specialists have a proven formula of technical expertise coupled with first class project management, taking pride in helping customers deliver products to international markets that increase productivity & sustainability - helping solve some of humanity’s most pressing and critical of challenges.

Whether you need regulatory approvals in a given country or region, or are looking for technical guidance on integrating an IoT solution in your product, please contact Product Compliance Specialists on info@productcompliancespecialists.com or visit www.productcompliancespecialists.com for further information.