Pest Resistant Packaging

Just how well will a carton of breakfast cereal or dry pet-food withstand moths and beetles in an Italian warehouse or Greek cash and carry during its 6 to 12 month shelf-life?

Finished food products are protected against insect attack only by the design and quality of the packaging. Larval and adult insects are able to penetrate packaging by exploiting weak spots, such as stitch holes, or folded but unglued seams. Even more robust packaging may be vulnerable to insects, as some can actually chew their way in. The photo shows a dog biscuit that has been heavily infested by biscuit beetles. This species is closely related to woodworm beetles (the exit holes are very similar), and is an excellent penetrator of packaging.

Laboratory trials can highlight design weaknesses, and examine how different insect species, and their life stages, might exploit these. Packaging resistance tests can guide the thinking and planning of product manufacturers and marketing planners though objective, technical results. We can assist in setting up such trials.