We have several useful in-house written publications free to download:

Rodent Control During Lockdown - A Good News Story!

Thinking Ouside the Bait Box

Beware the Bait Box Zombie

Our Guide to Non-Toxic Rodent Monitoring and Control

Bird Control Licensing Update

UK Pest Control Qualifications

Compliance with BRC 8

Biscuit Beetle Article

Using Rodenticides Outdoors in the UK

Pests and Buildings - An Acheta Guide

Choosing and Using Fly Control Units

Our Guide to Pest Risk Assessments

A Trojan Horse for Mice

Fly Control and Catch Analysis

Stored Product Moth Monitoring

Field Biologists - Do They Meet Customer Needs?

Mapping the Future of Pest Management

And also some publications available for purchase.

These are written by Mike Kelly, an an entomologist with over 40 years experience, and is the British Pest Control Association's fumigation training course tutor:

Mite Handbook

A guide to the identification of mite species that may be encountered in indoor situations ranging from food storage and manufacture through to households.

£21.95 + postage and packing

Insects and Pests Handbook

A guide to the biology, ecology and control of indoor insect pests.

Chapters cover: Insect classification, Stored product and textile beetles, Stored product and textile moths, Flies, Bees, wasps and ants, Blood sucking bugs, Fleas, Cockroaches

£29.90 + postage and packing

The Acheta Fumigation Handbook

Fumigation is a highly specialised branch of pest control, with the potential to kill if done incorrectly.

Chapters cover: An introduction to fumigation, Phosphine, Fumigation under sheets, Fumigation of bulk grain, Fumigation of ships cargoes, Fumigation of freight containers, Fumigation bubbles and chambers, Gas detection and measurement, PPE and RPE, Methyl bromide, Sulfuryl fluoride, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen

£29.90 + postage and packing