TMV Certification

Who is Kiwa Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certification for? 

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certification is aimed at manufacturers of thermostatic mixing valves that require compliance against EN 1111 & EN 1287 or NHS Estates requirements D08 destined for the UK/EU market. 

About Kiwa Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certification 

This certification covers products for compliance against: 

  • Type 2 TMV: This is a thermostatic mixing valve defined by UK Building Regulations as complying  with BS EN 1111 or BS EN 1287 for use within commercial or domestic  premises. 
  • Type 3 TMV: This is a thermostatic mixing valve defined by NHS Regulations as complying  with DO8 for use within any building which falls under the NHS Regulations including hospital and any health care premises. 

Certification process  

Our scheme takes a three pronged approach  

  • Testing the product  
  • Checking the manufacturer’s production process by means of annual Factory Production Control (FPC) inspections  
  • Re-testing the certified products via continuous testing plans over the lifetime of the product 

The certification process includes initial product testing and annual factory production control audit, the certification is then maintained via annual audits. We offer a unique structure to include or use other Kiwa certificates in order to satisfy product compliance. 

The testing will be accommodated within the Kiwa laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by UKAS and RVA, and the process is complying with ISO/IEC 17065 product certification scheme. 

Pre-compliance/consultancy testing is also offered against the above standards on production or prototype products. We can also accommodate a developing product range if required. 

For further information please see 'Additional Information' on this page. 

Benefits of our Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certification services

  • Demonstrates your product has undergone a robust, independent evaluation carried out by a global TIC company. 
  • Opportunity to differentiate your products in your marketplace with a product that is certified by an independent third-party. 
  • Ongoing production assessments (Level +1) to maintain compliant even as regulations change. 
  • Increase findability of your regulation 4 compliant product by water suppliers, architects and specifiers via the KUKreg4 database. 
  • Continuous test plan rather than a 5 year re-test. 
  • Our unique structure can include or use other Kiwa certificates in order to satisfy product compliance.