Water Products Evaluation

Who is water products evaluation for?  

Our water product services are designed to support manufacturers, water suppliers and design engineers in the early stages of product development, in order to advise on water product compliance with various established or bespoke standards. 

Common standards we carry out development work on are:  

  • EN 1111  
  • EN 1287   
  • EN 200 
  • EN817 
  • NHS Estates requirements D08   
  • BS EN 12897 (2006 and 2016)   
  • Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999  (Regaultors specification test code sheets) 


About water products evaluation  

We can test prototype products and report on our findings as a 17025 accredited laboratory. Manufacturing site visit consultancy is also available.

This service can also be used by consultants, insurance companies, retailers, water authorities and contractors in order to receive a third party test report from a 17025 accredited laboratory to demonstrate any failures of installed products within the market.  


Water Products Evaluation services benefits

  • Pre-compliance testing gives you confidence your product meets the specific requirements before it goes into production or before you submit the product for approval. 
  • It allows us to advise you on any design requirements at the early stages of product development. 
  • Under product Evaluation testing we can test the product as many times as required to ensure it is fit for purpose. 
  • Product evaluation is undertaken by our company experts in the area of evaluation required.