This scheme is pertinent to operators involved in the slaughter, cutting and wholesale butchery of assured livestock and meat products and the processing of sausages.

Rather than try to replicate all their requirements and controls, the standard offers supply chain assurance which is more targeted, yet provides a baseline food safety and quality standard which we believe adds value to a business’s FSA license.

This ensures that your customers and consumers recognise the systems of assurance present throughout your food supply chain. A successful assessment by Kiwa Agri Food will ensure that your certificate is issued by a widely respected and recognised certification body using highly experienced assessors.

Assessment Content

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Good Hygiene Practice
  • The core module is relevant to abattoirs, processors, cutting plants and catering butchers.
  • Specific animal welfare module for abattoirs covering all species
  • Pork quality and sausage modules

Assessment Frequency – 12 months.

Assessment Duration - Dependent on the size and complexity of your company but typically 1 day.

Assessment Cost - Special rates are available for multi-site operations. It can also be linked to BRCGS or other types of assessment giving big savings in both time and cost.