This commercial core gas course is a combination of theory and practical assessment. It is aimed at people renewing an existing COCN1 qualification. It may also be of interest to people with a plumbing background. Please contact a member of staff to discuss access courses and prerequisite requirements.

Completing a COCN1 qualification allow engineers to work on non-domestic gas appliances.

How long does the COCN1 course take?

This course take up to 5 days to complete.

Once you have passed COCN1 Commercial core gas qualification you can then complete the following gas modules, all of which can be taken at Kiwa’s Training Centre.

  • ICPN1 - Installation 1st Fix Commercial Pipework
  • ICAE1 - Installation 1st Fix Appliances
  • CIGA1 - Commission Repair Service Indirect Fired Plant
  • CDGA1 Commission Repair Service Direct Fired Plant
  • CORT1 Commission Repair Service Overhead Radiant Heaters
  • TPCP1/1a Testing Purging to IGE/UP/1/1a
  • CDGA1 Commission/Repair of Indirect Fired Appliances

What are the entry requirements for the COCN1 course?

Previously held or current COCN1 qualification. Non-Domestic Managed Learning Program (MLP). 

Here is a list of qualifications and certification schemes suitable for accessing ACS assessments. For further guidance on pre-requisites please contact Kiwa Training. For further guidance on pre-requisites please contact Kiwa Training.