ESOS applies to UK companies meeting any of these criteria:

  • employ 250+ people
  • have an annual turnover of €50 million+ (£38,937,777)
  • have an annual balance sheet of €43 million+ (£33,486,489)

You also must take part in ESOS if your company is part of a corporate group which includes another UK undertaking that meets either of these conditions.

Exemptions include Government bodies, hospitals and other public bodies. Note that universities are only exempt if less than half of their funding is from private sources (e.g. tuition fees).

How to comply with ESOS

There are several routes to compliance

  • An ESOS assessment
  • Green Deal assessment
  • Display Energy certificate

These three routes all require an assessment by an approved ESOS Assessor, who will produce a report showing your total energy consumption, and recommend energy saving measures tailored to your company.

Alternatively, an organisation can achieve ISO 50001 compliance, which meets ESOS obligations.