This training opportunity is designed to update operational staff on animal feed/food safety issues, feed/food safety schemes and their roles and responsibilities within the business. This enhanced understanding will allow staff to become more efficient in their working practices, and reduce the occurrences of complaints and claims.

At the end of the course, staff will have gained a detailed knowledge of the background and the reasoning for the scheme requirements, and a deeper understanding the relationships between the feed/food safety assurance schemes. Staff will have a thorough knowledge of the assessment process, and the actions that are required to address any non-conformances. 

The syllabus includes Management Controls; Risk Assessment (HACCP); Operational Control; Pest Control; Calibrations; Analysis; Personnel; Complaints & Recall; Internal Audit & Traceability.

Training can be delivered at Kiwa's Training Centres in Harrogate and Cheltenham or on your premises, A training certificate is awarded to delegates which meets animal feed/food safety scheme requirements for training records.

Training is delivered by feed/food safety professionals with expertise in farm management, animal feed manufacture and quality control as well as assessment in food, feed & farm sectors.