The FEMAS standard covers the assurance requirements for all feed ingredients (including micro-ingredients such as flavours, vitamins and enzymes) used in the production of animal feed, whether primary products of a production system or co-products, and regardless of country of origin.

The principles of FEMAS have been developed to assure purchasers that feed ingredients are safe, and meet the quality criteria specified. The FEMAS International Core Standard is designed for application in all countries where feed ingredients are produced, and application for certification is open to feed ingredients suppliers in all countries.

The main aims of the FEMAS standard are:

(1) The protection of health of:

  • the animals that consume the feed ingredients certificated under this standard
  • the humans consuming the livestock products derived from those animals in the form of meat, milk, eggs and fish

(2) To confirm compliance with the standard and thus the purchaser’s expectations.

To comply with FEMAS, participants must apply the principles of Hazard Analysis (HACCP) and Good Operating Practice.

The FEMAS scheme is one part of a suite of AIC assurance schemes including animal feed manufacture (UFAS), storage, transport, merchanting and testing (TASCC) all operating in the same way to deliver safe feed for animal production. FEMAS is a product certification programme, consequently each feed ingredient supplied by a participant will be assessed on its own merits and any certificates of compliance issued will specify the feed ingredients for which compliance is being certificated. This FEMAS standard encompasses all the operations and activities of a participant that may have a bearing on the safety and specification of the feed ingredients supplied, from raw material procurement and supplier approval, through to the point at which any feed ingredients produced are delivered to the end user.

Although FEMAS represents ‘good practice’, compliance with this standard does not in itself absolve or diminish obligations that may be incumbent upon a participant as a result of any client, statutory or regulatory requirements. In addition to the requirements of this standard, participants must ensure that all feed ingredients they supply meet the current legislative requirements of both the country in which the participant is operating and the countries to which they supply feed ingredients.

FEMAS provides a credible independent verification that the trade is meeting its legal obligations under General Food Law, Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and associated regulations and codes of practice. Both feed ingredient producers and compound feed manufacturers were fully consulted during the development of the FEMAS Scheme.