But how easy is it to access these global markets?

Just as European countries demand compliance with the CE requirements, nearly every country worldwide has its own certification scheme and specific regulatory and testing requirements that must be met before a product can be placed on the market.

And how can Kiwa help to simplify these complex global product approval requirements?

At Kiwa we aim to streamline global market approvals by managing the entire process for our customers from start to finish. This can involve EMC and electrical safety testing, writing and submitting the application and supporting documentation, liaising with the relevant country authorities, and arranging factory inspections where necessary.

Kiwa benefits from its small, dedicated approvals team. We will ensure that your project is smoothly managed while also providing regular status updates to aid transparency, flexibility and peace of mind.

For a friendly and cost effective solution to marketing your electronic product worldwide, please get in touch.

If you are a manufacturer in the UK and require certification to the RED, please select the appropriate documentation from this list .