The course gives an overview of the concepts involved with hydrogen and to provide wider context of the principles behind hydrogen combustion. It provides an overview of national and EU hydrogen strategies, global market development and potential infrastructure development timeframes and costs. 

Course Content

This is an on-line course delivered over half a day via Microsoft TEAMS, addressing the emerging potential of a Hydrogen Economy. This enables decision makers to gain awareness and a reference point for the key themes associated with the use and transition to hydrogen in your business context, relative to the existing UK Gas Infrastructure.

  • Challenge of decarbonising energy in the UK
  • Environmental benefits of using hydrogen as a fuel
  • Global overview of strategies, market development and potential infrastructure development timeframes and costs
  • Hydrogen
    • Principles of combustion
    • Safety issues
    • Production, storage, transport
    • Economic factors
  • Principles of natural gas to hydrogen conversion and appliance modification
  • Business risks and opportunities from switching from natural gas to hydrogen

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the challenge of decarbonising energy in the UK
  • Know the environmental benefits of using hydrogen as a fuel
  • Know the global market potential for hydrogen
  • Know the principles of hydrogen combustion and safety issues relating to hydrogen
  • Understand the impact of hydrogen on legislation and standards
  • Know the fundamental principles of hydrogen production
  • Know how hydrogen varies with storage scale
  • Know how to transport hydrogen
  • Know the principal factors relating to appliance modification for conversion to hydrogen
  • Know the principal economic factors of hydrogen production and use
  • Know the risks and opportunities that hydrogen represents to companies looking to decarbonise their operations

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The course is delivered in a very interactive style and as such necessitates smaller groups – maximum 10-15 people. The importance of such groupings is as follows:

  • An opportunity to engage multiple perspectives and work areas across your company in a consistent manner on this important topic, to create a base level of understanding.
  • A safe and inclusive forum for debating differing perspectives on hydrogen, with Industry leading technical expertise and thought leadership
  • Enables questions and answers to be discussed freely throughout course delivery
  • Breakout and discussion throughout the day with the trainers – within the digital delivery