The food categories that may seek protection are: cheeses, fresh meat (including offal), meat based products, oils and fats, bread pastry and cakes, mineral waters, fresh fish and molluscs, olives, fruit vegetables and cereals, and other animal-derived products such as eggs, honey, milk etc, ciders and beers.

Benefits of PDO/PGI under EU Regulations

  1. Free EU legal protection of what amounts to a trademark. This alone can be worth tens of thousands of pounds.
  2. Identification of a product's special features. This in turn creates awareness of the U.S.P. for marketing.
  3. Branding – the quality image for everything else. Built-in third party verification for use as a marketing tool.
  4. Premium price for a premium product. Move away from producing a simple commodity.
  5. Create a base for integrated marketing with all the related enterprises of that region, wines, foods, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, transport and so on.
  6. In the long run, decrease reliance on government subsidies.

A survey for the EU shows that over 700 UK Food Products would qualify for this protection - and thus benefit from it. DEFRA's Agrifood Exports and Regional Food Promotion division deals with applications and will give advice on the requirements.

For a quick, competitive quotation please email or call us. If you would like to apply for the scheme, please complete the PDO or PGI Application Form.