Our type approval service extends to wireless, wired, ITE and electrical and electronic domestic and commercial use products.

Wherever possible, our project management team will discuss Approval strategy in advance to ensure the most cost effective approach is considered and agreed upon before project start.

In advance of submission for Type Approval, our team of engineers will carefully review all technical documentation and samples to ensure all required deliverables are available and in accordance with each country’s requirement. Our team will also prepare any additional documentation required to support the project and where country-specific documents are required. So please sit back and let us take care of your Type Approval needs!

Our one-stop-shop service includes, but is not limited to, the following benefits:

  • Dedicated project manager and support team to ensure smooth delivery within the best possible lead time
  • Dedicated technical engineer to review all documentation and samples before being submitted for Approval
  • In-country testing support
  • Shipping of your project samples for in-country testing and full customs clearance
  • Exclusive hand carry of samples where needed and/or where it is advantageous to do so
  • Provision of local Approval holders where required and possible to do so
  • Detailed status reporting so that full project visibility and progress can be reviewed each week
  • Certification database to ensure an expiry date is never missed!