It's worth noting that biomass boilers installed after 24/09/2013 will only be eligible for RHI if they have an RHI emissions certificate or an environmental permit, as well as meeting OFGEM’s other requirements. We know that some boilermakers have been waiting for the release of these regulations before deciding which models to test and which fuels to use during the process. As a test house certified to EN 17025, we have a thorough understanding of the issues involved. Remember that a boiler test is not just a measurement of emissions from the stack, the results are also used to determine the real performance of the installed appliance.

For RHI testing of biomass boilers, our accredited laboratories are fully kitted out to measure the emissions from smaller boilers whereas for larger boilers we are able to offer a remote testing service at a site of your choosing (subject to initial site survey).

 We have issued several RHI emissions certificates for boiler makers. If you need an RHI emissions certificate for your boiler, or you are a manufacturer seeking validation of emissions results from another test house, or if you simply want to talk over the issues involved in the new air quality regulations, please contact us.