This service is for non-domestic RHI sites.

An Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA) consists of an independent inspection and report, demonstrating that the installation has been approved by an independent competent body such as ourselves. It is a requirement for renewable heating systems that fall into any of the following scenarios:

  • The installation is classed as having a "multiple" metering arrangement for RHI payment purposes
  • The installation has a capacity of 1MWth or above
  • The installation uses steam as a heat transfer medium.

The report should confirm:

  • Meters and sensors meet technical requirements, including MID compliance
  • Meters and sensors are correctly positioned and appropriate to the system
  • Meters and sensors comply with manufacturer installation instructions and other certification if appropriate
  • The supplied schematic diagram is accurate
  • For RHI payment purposes, each heat ‘quantity’ can be determined
  • Whether any external piping meets the ‘properly insulated’ criteria.

We can give advice on heat metering, the completion of independent technical reports, and on the general requirements of OFGEM when applying for the RHI. In addition we can issue RHI Emissions Certificates for biomass boilers following testing by Kiwa. If you have an emission test report from a 3rd party laboratory we can assess the testing that was carried out against the requirements of the RHI and if appropriate issue you with an Emissions Certificate. 

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