We work extensively with construction contractors, civil engineers, highways agencies and local authorities

Our Structural Testing Services include:

  • Inspection and testing of reinforced concrete structures
  • Half-cell potential, depth of carbonation, cover to reinforcement and resistivity
  • Concrete core and dust sampling for laboratory analysis
  • Diamond core sampling of concrete and bituminous highway construction
  • Surveys of structures for high alumina cement (HAC) and chemical attack
  • In situ load testing on holding-down bolts, fixings and lift beams, etc
  • Risk assessment and in situ load testing of barriers at sports stadia
  • Surface slip and skid resistance
  • Full scale structural load testing
  • Concrete floor slab testing
  • Relative humidity monitoring
  • Inspection and testing of steel lighting columns
  • Bond / pull off testing

Methodologies combined with the specific expertise and knowledge results in a quality testing operation for a range of structures including:

  • Sports stadia
  • Road, rail and river bridges
  • Sea defences
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Commercial and domestic properties
  • Highways
  • Street Lighting

Please visit the UKAS website for our scope of accreditations.