• Approved by JAUPT
  • Recognised as one of the days training required to meet with legislation
  • Designed to follow the TASCC Haulage Code of Practise
  • Gain Information on driver safety at intake/outloading sites
  • Organised at training venues near you or at your premises

We are now also offering this course online remotely so that you can train from the comfort of your home or office. If you have a larger group who would like to attend then we would be happy to organise this training privately for your site. Please get in touch with our training team if you would like to hear more.

As the certification body for the Trade Assurance Scheme of Combinable Crops (TASCC), Kiwa Training is approved as a JAUPT CPC Training Centre and approved to deliver a TASCC CPC course for drivers.

The course is designed to coincide with the TASCC Haulage Code of Practise and once completed by your drivers they will receive their certificate of training. This certificate can be used at your TASCC, UFAS or FEMAS audit as confirmation that you have successfully completed a TASCC food/feed safety course as required within the AIC schemes.