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A Notified Body under the Gas Appliance Regulation, Kiwa has extensive experience of hydrogen appliance inspection, field trials, consultancy and thought leadership in the practical and safe application of hydrogen. It has advised BEIS and the Climate Change Committee on the national use of hydrogen. It is a Notified Body under the EUETS. It is currently advising all the UK gas distribution networks on the potential demand for hydrogen in the 10 largest cities in the UK.

The Kiwa Gas team has a unique blend of ‘boots on the job’ engineering experience and a pool of scientists advising government, gas network operators and related trade bodies.  We support decision makers with practical knowledge as well as scientific understanding from teams immersed in the industry and engaged with its stakeholders.

  • HyHouse Case Study

    Kiwa Gastec conducted the end to end management of the HyHouse project, part funded by DECC’s Energy Storage Competition.

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  • H21 Hydrogen for Leeds Project Case Study

    Leeds’ existing gas infrastructure could be repurposed to deliver hydrogen for heating and cooking, instead of natural gas over the next 15 years.

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  • Hy4Heat

    Hy4Heat is a study to establish if it’s technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances. This will enable to government to determine whether to proceed to a community trial.

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  • Hydrogen Appliances Report for BEIS Case Study

    Kiwa Gastec collaborated with E4tech in this DECC-sponsored desk study on the development of a hydrogen-fired appliance supply chain.

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