Hydrogen Appliances and Fuel Cells

The thermal technology industry can play a leading role in the technological reconversion and consolidation of the hydrogen supply chain.

Despite the absence of Hydrogen pipelines and the still necessary adaptation of distribution networks, sector studies, market analysis and the increasingly explicit commitment of various European nations, are opening up market opportunities for heating appliances powered by hydrogen blends in various percentages and for fuel cell micro-cogenerators (micro-CHP), as well as accessories and components.

Kiwa services for Hydrogen Appliances and Fuel Cells

Kiwa, thanks to our experience in the gas sector and our wide knowledge obtained in recent years at national and international level, can support the manufacturing sector with the following services:

  • Hydrogen Appliances (domestic, commercial and industrial), Testing and Certification.
  • Fuel Cells and mCHP units, Testing and Certification
  • Testing and Certification according to Hy4Heat gas quality standard (also published in PAS4444)
  • Testing and Certification Gastec QA KE 214 for components in contact with Hydrogen
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Pressure Equipment Directive Inspection and Certification (PED)
  • Technical assistance in the field of Hydrogen Appliances and Fuel Cells
  • Pre-assessment and evaluation of projects under development in accordance with international standards and proprietary technical documents

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