• Moroni & Partners now member of the Kiwa group

    9 September 2019

    Moroni & Partners (M&P), a leading provider of engineering services to energy plants, is now part of the Kiwa Group. The acquisition of M&P will further strengthen and improve Kiwa Italy’s international package of services dedicated to the solar sector.

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels and the End-of-Life Management: the importance of recycling for a sustainable energy economy.

    1 September 2020

    Currently, in our continent more than 90% of the panels have been recycled, thanks to the continuous studies of new and more efficient processes for disposal. In the photovoltaic market, the end-of-life management is particularly important to ensure that clean energy solutions are sustainable over time.

  • Kiwa is now part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

    10 November 2020

    Kiwa recently joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, sharing knowledge and expertise in renewable energy production and the hydrogen sector with the market.

  • The potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition: the Octopus case

    20 April 2021

    Moroni & Partners, part of the Kiwa Group, has recently performed vendor technical advisor activities for Octopus Renewables, an operator specialized in investment management in the renewable energy sector in the UK and Europe.