Reports and Complaints

Reports and complaints can be sent by letter, by regular mail, fax or e-mail.

Before complaining or sending a report, we inform you that:

  • We will not accept anonymous messages, in order not to proceed with untrue reports whose source can not be verified
  • The protection of the personal data of all subjects using the complaints and reports service is guaranteed, as well as the anonymity in the processing where requested by the person sending the report
  • In the case of reports referring to possible criminal offenses committed by Kiwa Cermet Italia personnel or in any case to violations of the Organizational Model or of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Kiwa Cermet Italia, its Supervisory Body will also be informed
  • Kiwa Cermet Italia will handle the report / complaint in accordance with a specific internal procedure available for consultation to anyone who requests it
  • Kiwa Cermet Italia undertakes to provide the claimant a first response to take charge of the complaint within 5 working days, and to inform him about the actions taken to manage it within 30 working days from receipt of the complaint

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Tel: 051.459.3.111 - Fax: 051.763382