Social media and apps

Kiwa uses social media channels to encourage open communication and to keep up to date with our markets. Our customer research taught us that you as our customer want to see more of us on social media. We therefore explore the possibilities social media bring. We are still in a development phase, but we would like you to engage in our online conversation. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Social channels


to find out about the latest corporate news and career opportunities 
Twitter to check our customer relations magazine Quality Quarterly news and buzz
Youtube to see our corporate video and other video content


The Kiwa International App allows you to search for and view (international and local) regulations and assessment guidelines wherever you are and at whatever time. You may contact relevant Kiwa professionals by email or phone with a single tap. The app also presents other Kiwa products that may be useful to you. The news section keeps you informed about all that is going on at Kiwa. The Kiwa Certification Check is available right within the app. And of course, general information about Kiwa and contact details are available as well.

Download apps

You can download the Kiwa international app for free and use it on your smartphone and/or tablet. 

Download the Kiwa International App for Android
Download the Kiwa International App for iOS