Our “solar laboratories” in the Netherlands and in Italy are equipped to perform all the resistance, durability and performance tests required by the standards, either indoors (with a solar simulator) or outdoors (exposure test and IAM).

As for photovoltaic sector, we can perform all tests compliant with the standards: EN 61215 (Mono and Poly Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules), EN 61646 (Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules) and EN 61730 (Photovoltaic Module Safety Qualification).

Additional test like strong salt fog, extra mechanical load, ammonia can be performed to demonstrate higher performance to distinguish your products in the market.

Kiwa Italia is accredited by Accredia for issuing certificate of PV panels and for the testing them according to the a.m. standards following the rules of ISO 17025. Moreover Kiwa Italia is acknowledge as CB Testing laboratory (CBTL) to perform tests valid for the CB international certification