The certification of solid fuel appliances is aimed at manufacturers who wish to place on the market products that are safe and comply with industry standards, a mandatory condition to sell their products.

The main standards for solid fuel appliances are:

  • EN 13240 – Closed roomheaters
  • EN 15250 – Slow heat release appliances
  • EN 13229 – Inset appliances including open fires
  • EN 14785 – Pellet Roomheaters
  • EN 12815 – Cookers
  • EN 12809 – Residential independent boilers fired by solid fuel - Nominal heat output up to 50 kW
  • EN 303­5 – Heating boilers, with manual and automatic fuel supply, for solid fuels, with a nominal heat output up to 500 Kw
  • EN 16647 – Fireplaces for liquid fuels - Decorative appliances producing a flame using alcohol based or gelatinous fuel - Use in private households
  • EN 15456 – Heating boilers. Electrical power consumption for heat generators. System boundaries. Measurements

Our technical reports are accepted by the major European certification bodies.

Voluntary Testing

Kiwa Cermet Italia is also able to perform the following voluntary tests:

  • Particulate matter measurement (Austrian gravimetric system)
  • Testing for Austrian standard 15/a
  • Testing for German Market (BAFA, DIN+)
  • Testing for French Market (Flamme Verte)
  • Certification for Danish Market
  • Reports accepted by the Swiss VKF
  • Measurement of electric power consumption
  • Low Voltage tests
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests

Kiwa Italia's technical staff offers to all its customers both the experience gained in the field of solid fuel heating products and a state-of-the-art, modern and complete laboratory. Thanks to the partnership with Kiwa UK we can also offer to all customers a privileged way to register with HETAS (UK), as well as the performance of dust tests with the English method (electrostatic precipitator).