Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical raw materials producers and providing raw materials to manufacturers in this document by the manufacturer can prove their eligibility.

ISO 22716 is the Cosmetics GMP-Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices and management standard for manufacturing cosmetics guaranteed Quality and Safety as international standard related to the GMP of cosmetic industry.

What you need to know

 ISO 22716 is the standard to make the treatment for employees, facilities, equipment, half-finished and finished products, etc. It is also to reduce artificial mistakes, protect the deterioration in quality by microbial and cross contaminants and establish high quality management system.

Getting certified with Kiwa

Kiwa unbiased reliable for many years in the market has managed to become a certification body which has had a huge range of customers. Experienced staff are finding timely solutions for its customers.


3rd Party control in the global market is the requirement buyers need. Independent audit is needed to prove that the evaluation reports and documents are sufficient. 

  • evidence of conformity in exports. 
  • Production is an independent predictor of the quality of that. 
  • You and your suppliers' quality of vision and move a step forward. 
  • the productivity increases 
  • Production risks, reduce error rates and grants. 
  • Internal processes effectively controlling and minimizing the risk of error provides.