29 August 2019

GAR update: withdrawal of EN 484:1997, EN 521:2006 and EN 14543:2005+A1:2007 standards.

Kiwa would like to inform you about the following date of withdrawal (DOW) of below standards:

  • EN 484:1997 (DoW October 2019) is replaced by EN 484:2019 (approved 15 February 2019)
  • EN 521:2006 (DoW October 2019) is replaced by EN 521:2019 (approved 15 February 2019)
  • EN 14543:2005+A1:2007 (DoW January 2018) is replaced by EN 14543:2017 (approved 27 February 2017)

As you might know, it is mandatory for the GAR (Gas Appliance Regulation) that a product is state of art. In order to be able to certify appliances, the manufacturer needs to demonstrate compliance with the state of art standard(s).

Note: See for background information: Gas Appliance Regulation GAR, page L 81/127, observation 2 and page L 81/128, sections 3.1.7. and 3.1.8..

This implies that appliances shall be in principal GAR certified based on the updated standards after the DoW date.

Please contact your local Kiwa representative, in order to advise you for your specific situation.