We are required to publish all Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) certificates. You can find it below. The other ATEX certificates are not online. You can find the IECEx certificates on the IECEx website by entering Kiwa as EcCB.

ATEX Certificates

The Quality Assurance Notification certificates issued under the ATEX Directive are in the table below.

Atex Certificates issued by Kiwa ExVision 
Production Quality Assurance
No. Company 1ste issue pdf
15ATEXQ0006_Iss 2  Paradigm Technology Services B.V.    2015-06-04  download
 15ATEXQ0013_Iss 2  Sofis B.V.   2015-07-14 download
15ATEXQ0017_Iss2    Hobré Instruments B.V.    2015-07-07 download
16ATEXQ0024_Iss1 JKEX Co. Ltd  2016-11-11 download
17ATEXQ0001_Iss 1 JKEX Co. Ltd  2017-01-25 download
17ATEXQ0004_Iss 1  Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V.   2017-02-17  download
17ATEXQ0047_Iss 1  Smarter Nozzle Europe B.V.  2017-12-06  download
17ATEXQ0049_Iss 1  Artidor Explosiion Safety B.V. 2017-12-06 download
17ATEXQ0050_Iss 1 Necplus B.V. 2017-12-06 download
18ATEXQ0001_Iss 2  CUBIC-Stanfo A/S 2018-01-24 download