Certification sports constructions

Kiwa ISA Sport is the specialist in the field of certification of sports constructions. Because of the unique knowledge and experience available within our company, Kiwa ISA Sport is the ideal partner for this type of certification.

For Kiwa ISA Sport, certification is no “assembly line work”, neither can you get the certificate as a gift. However, if you have the conviction, just like we have, that certification is not an aim in itself but a tool to achieve a better quality of sport facilities, then you have come to the right place. Kiwa ISA Sport also wants to co-operate with you in the process to develop certificates or labels which are specific for your product or service.

Certification is a procedure which confirms that your product or service meets the requested and usual standards. In some markets, certification is mandatory, in other markets it is voluntary. A proper certification for your market may be essential for your success in that market.

Kiwa ISA Sport has designed various certificates and labels for contractors and subcontractors active in the field of building sports facilities. Companies that are certified by Kiwa ISA Sport, have their products, projects or processes regularly checked by Kiwa ISA Sport in order to ensure the quality of their product, projects or processes.