About Kiwa KOAC

Kiwa KOAC is the independent leading company in the Netherlands for research and consultancy in the field of mobility infrastructure, with emphasis on roads, airports, dike revetments and industrial sites, such as container terminals. Our services are provided to public and private road owners who are involved with the management, design, execution and maintenance of pavements. We perform tests and research, and provide consultancy services regarding building and pavement materials, pavement constructions and pavement surfaces. The products can be classified into laboratory testing, road testing, quality support of construction works, consultancy, and research into the performance and properties of materials. Furthermore, support is offered to clients regarding pavement management, as well as training and courses.

Kiwa KOAC’s mission is to apply its knowledge and skills to be the impartial and specialized partner in the field of consultancy and research of pavements and building materials. 

The combination of the services provided by Kiwa KOAC is unique and enables an integrated approach to the problems faced by its clients. Our clients can be found among road contractors and public organizations. The Company provides engineering strength with field experience, and has solid knowledge of materials and pavement surfaces. The dedicated laboratory and equipment facilities can carry out testing of materials for a wide variety of properties. 

Kiwa KOAC is the market leader in its field in the Netherlands and has national coverage, via its four well-distributed offices. Kiwa KOAC can maintain its leading position by development of new products and innovation of testing equipment. Equally important is our focus on the development of the intellectual quality of staff and personnel. The improvement of the competences of our employees at every level of our organisation is conducted under the overarching framework KOACademy. 

As a modern, socially responsible company, we have an eye for the human and environmental factors. We increasingly provide solutions that contribute to sustainability, liveability, safety and mobility. Within the company, we are actively involved in reducing the environmental burden by improving workflows, in the layout of working areas and the introduction of clean technology.