About Kiwa SCM

Kiwa SCM is in the Netherlands the certification body in the field of vehicle security. Our main activities are monitoring the quality of Kiwa SCM approved security systems and monitoring the quality of the installation work by Kiwa SCM approved companies.

The certification of the installation of security systems is accredited by the Accreditation Council (RVA) under registration number C 361.

Theft of vehicles is the order of the day, both owners and insurance companies are affected.

Kiwa SCM has close partnerships with a number of companies to reduce the theft from, and outgo vehicles. And to increase the number on recovered vehicles after theft

This is done by the certification of:

  • Electronic security systems
  • Mechanical security systems
  • The installation of the above mentioned security systems

Kiwa SCM certifies both OEM and after-market security systems.

Before a security system can be approved, the system is extensively tested by an independent test institute according to the homologation directives. These directives owned by the CCV.

For the certification of the installation of the security systems random inspections are performed at Kiwa SCM approved companies.

These companies are approved in accordance with the “Erkenningsregeling”. To obtain an approval, a company must comply to the requirements as stated in the scheme.

Requirements ate stated for installers, the workshop and, of course, to the installation of the security system. If a Kiwa SCM approved company installs a security system, a certificate CCV vehicle security is handed out to the owner of the vehicle.