Courses per discipline

As a leading provider of services in the field of testing, inspection & certification (TIC), Kiwa has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of quality management, technology and energy. Kiwa Training shares this knowledge, with a large number of courses and workshops.

Kiwa Training's course portfolio focuses on daily practice. For example, we always use teachers and curriculum developers with practical experience within their fields of expertise. Our range of courses, trainings and exams is very broad and focuses on the following markets and knowledge areas:

  • Technical courses

    Kiwa has its roots in the gas and electricity sector. It is therefore not surprising that Kiwa Training is a leading provider of educational services in the field of distribution and installation technology in the utilities sector.

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  • Courses energy sector

    The way we generate and distribute energy is changing. Kiwa Training ensures you stay up-to-date with high-quality training courses.

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  • Quality courses

    Kiwa is a world-leading certification body. We underline this with quality management training courses in the field of environment, health & safety, etc.

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  • Healthcare courses

    Kiwa is also a leading certification body when it comes to health care. We are happy to share the knowledge we have acquired in this field of expertise in a large number of training courses.

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