Quality courses

Over the years Kiwa has become a world-leading certification body. We focus on the certification of products, processes and management systems. For example quality management systems according to ISO 9001 and safety management systems such as the VCA. Such systems are used in many market areas and certified by Kiwa.

Kiwa Training organizes a large number of training courses and workshops to provide support to people involved in setting up and maintaining such a management system. This involves, for example, courses to gain more knowledge about the certification standards and criteria, or courses in which participants learn how to carry out internal audits with the necessary depth and effectiveness.

Kiwa also offers a 'Lead auditor Course' for people who manage audit activities. Kiwa Training also offers various care related training courses.

  • Kiwa Training organises the two-day course ‘Internal Audit in accordance with ISO 9001’. After taking this course, you will be able to prepare, perform, report and follow up on audits yourself.
  • Become GDPR proficient with the Information Security and Privacy e-learning! This e-learning is intended for everyone who deals with data and/or personal information on a daily basis. During the e-learning, course participants are informed about the GDPR and its effects on working with privacy sensitive information.