Kiwa Leadership Development Programma

The right leadership style is a success factor for any organization and of strategic importance. Kiwa is on the move in a moving world. Therefore we offer our employees who are holding key positions a Leadership Development Programme to take their personal leadership to the next level.

Who can participate?

Employees holding a key position is a very wide definition. Therefore we do not want to limit this programme to ‘just’ leaders. Many of our employees have key positions in leading projects, processes or are a well-recognized authority in their field of expertise. With regard to our Leadership Development Programme we have therefore defined the crucial roles and competencies for any employee holding such a key position.

What is it about?

The programme consists of four modules, concerning:

  • Leading yourself; personal effectiveness and awareness as a foundation for leading and influencing others.
  • Leading and engaging professionals.
  • Leading teams and designing meaningful collaborations & partnerships.
  • Influencing with and without power.
  • Driving for result.
  • Leading innovation & change.

What will it take?

This is a programme ‘with a punch’. Participants need to be ambitious and diligent, they must show commitment and they should not be afraid to show themselves and be transparent. After all, this programme will challenge and ‘stretch’ you on many levels. At times it might even be uncomfortable.

The programme lasts one year and participants gather four times for a two day training, discussing leadership issues and training skills. Besides that, they will be occupied doing reading assignments, e-learning and assignments to apply new behaviour.

What will it deliver?

Like any development programme, the revenue depends on what you put into it. At least participants get the chance to grow as a (thought) leader, an effective influencer, who gets things done and in the process becomes more aware of their own personality and talents.

The programme focusses on talents, ambitions and, consequently, personal added value for the company. Apart from this, participants get to meet and create a whole new network of Kiwa-colleagues, all around Europe.

Kiwa has developed this programme in collaboration with Kenhardt, an agency specialized in leadership programmes. Participants are coached and trained by experienced professionals from Kenhardt.