How to start?

It is important to well-define a certification process for explosion safety right from the start. We are happy to exchange ideas with you and determine together what you need exactly, in which categories your product falls and to which countries you want to export your product(s). Based on this information we make a test and time plan for you. You will also receive a quotation in which we clearly indicate what you have to deliver exactly to make sure your certification process will take course efficiently. 


You will have an intake with one of our specialists. For the intake we charge a fee. In this way you are free to go to another certifying board with the plan. When you give Kiwa ExVision the order, we deduct the investment for the intake. In this way we offer you maximum transparency and freedom in your choices for the certification process.   

In case you are not ready for the intake yet, it is also possible to have a non-committal, orienting appointment with one of our employees.  

Contact us for more information.