Material testing

Kiwa KOAC can determine all relevant properties for all materials in the civil and hydraulic engineering sectors, in three laboratories. Using electro-hydraulic testing and monitoring equipment, we can even conduct tailor-made tests. The laboratories have been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council under the numbers L007 for around 150 different tests, making them the most widely accredited laboratories in our field in the Netherlands. We are by far the largest road construction related laboratory of the Netherlands, both in range and capacity. This top position entails a certain responsibility: we work strictly according to the most recent guidelines, such as the Netherlands Standard RAW conditions, national and international standards.

A road pavement structure, dike revetment or engineering work will comply with the user requirements if the required structural performance and related construction properties are correctly translated into material behaviour and requirements for the material properties. The many material properties can be bundled into the groups: mechanical behaviour, civil engineering durability, hydraulic behaviour, processing and environmental properties.

Alongside laboratory tests, we also regularly conduct material tests in the field. Such tests often also require determination of the construction properties. Field testing can also comprise sampling of materials, for subsequent study in the laboratory.

We are a member of FeNeLab, the branch Association for accredited laboratories and calibration and inspection institutions in the Netherlands.