Explosion Safety / HAZLOC

Kiwa ExVision is an independent test and certification organisation on explosion safety, located in The Netherlands. Kiwa ExVision mainly aims at internationally oriented manufacturers of products and  components used in a (potential) explosion hazardous environment. For usage within Europe we test and certify against the European ATEX Directive. Outside Europe we apply the IECEx certification system, optionally you can extend our certification services with country specific demands.

Kiwa ExVision employees are experienced experts. We look after your interests. Transparent service is our main focus. We support you in marketing your products within the shortest possible period in and outside Europe. Kiwa ExVision is aware that a short time-to-market is essential to you. By including us in your plans, in the earliest possible stage, we ensure you are fully informed about what regulations apply for which geographical markets.

Global Product Compliance for Explosion Safety / HAZLOC products

Notified Body ATEX Directive
IECEx Certification Body & Test Laboratory
ISO 17065 / ISO 17021 / ISO 17025
Product & Quality System Certification
All equipment, all categories of group II (non-mining)
Equipment group I: only limited scope (electrical)
All protection types
Full scope accredited laboratory in The Netherlands
Type Approval Management
Kiwa ExVision offers direct access to global markets by using partners (IECEx CB’s or other authorities) including:
Europe & EFTA countries like Norway and Switzerland
Australia (Australia and New Zealand)