1 November 2022

FITcert European quality label for fitness clubs enters next level

EuropeActive, the European trade association for fitness clubs, officially started with FITcert level 3 in October. This independent European quality label enables fitness clubs to demonstrate that they meet high standards when it comes to service, hygiene and safety. As of now, clubs will receive the NCS 17229-compliant certificate upon passing FITcert level 3. Kiwa is one of the certifying institutions for FITcert.

In Europe, no fewer than sixty million people are members of a fitness club. To ensure that all these people can practice their sport safely and healthily, independent assessment of, among other things, accommodations and instructors is an absolute must. Online reviews are by no means always objective, the independent label FITcert (managed by Dutch standard organization NEN) is.

Kiwa ISA Sport, specialized in the certification of sports accommodations, was closely involved in the development of FITcert. In accordance with the FITcert license agreement with NEN Kiwa declares to adhere to NCS 17229 inspection requirements. Kiwa is therefore allowed to use the NEN FITcert quality label on the certificates that are issued to certified gyms.

Why Kiwa?

  • Extensive experience with quality measurements of (indoor) sports facilities;
  • Strong quality focus;
  • Clear procedures and project management;
  • International network of inspectors;
  • Member of FITcert Committee of Experts;
  • Global leader in TIC services.

More info

For more information about FITcert, please contact Kiwa ISA Sport via phone (+31 (0)88 562 26 00) or e-mail (info.isa-sport@kiwa.nl). You can also find more information about FITcert on our FITcert product page.