22 December 2022

Kiwa helps Portugal convert to 100% H2

Autumn 2022 Kiwa has started two new projects in Portugal for two Portuguese gas district system operators: H2REN for REN Portgás and Retrofit for Floene. In commission of these two operators, Kiwa will assess the suitability of their gas distribution networks for hydrogen. 

“By sharing and learning from experiences across the Kiwa Group and applying the best knowledge and technology acquired globally, Kiwa Portugal aims to support their local clients during the different stages of their strategy. We are strongly committed to realising the transition to a hydrogen economy and these two projects are very clear examples of that.” – Eliana Bessada, Country Manager Kiwa Portugal 

Portugal’s hydrogen goals

Portugal has identified hydrogen as a key factor in its energy transition plans which have resulted in a national roadmap for hydrogen. This roadmap foresees the blending of H2 in natural gas as a first step to reconversion of the gas infrastructure to 100% H2. Both REN Portgás and Floene initiated projects to a.o. assess the readiness of the infrastructure and components to distribute this hydrogen.

“It is now well established that hydrogen has a key role in the execution of the energy transition. We are proud to be able to contribute to the direct efforts that these DSOs (Distribution System Operator) are making!” – Sjoerd Delnooz, Manager Kiwa Technology

Partner for progress

Within both the H2REN and the Retrofit project, Kiwa is a proud partner for progress to assess the hydrogen compatibility by assessing the readiness of pipelines, components, equipment, operations and maintenance and to identify any gaps. For this purpose, Kiwa Technology and Kiwa UK will work together and use the insights and knowledge of our experts in countries that are pioneering in the hydrogen sector, like Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. With more than 15 years of experience in the complete hydrogen supply chain, we can provide quality to our clients. Which is exactly why REN Portgás and Floene chose Kiwa as their partner for progress.


International capability

These projects mark the entrance of Kiwa’s hydrogen services in the Iberia region. Our international capability enables us to use our expertise to deliver quality and safety on a global level and to help our clients in their energy transition journey towards decarbonization. At Kiwa we offer DSOs assessments of the current gas grid by looking at network conversion, as well as an evaluation of the suitability of hydrogen distribution to households from a client perspective. By bringing this cutting-edge knowledge on hydrogen to other countries, we are striving to speed up the energy transition.

The projects are currently in progress. Conclusions on readiness, resulting gaps, adaptions and corresponding costs and investments will be translated into implementation plans and roadmaps.

More information

Would you like to know more about the services we offer in the field of hydrogen? Visit Kiwa’s hydrogen page. For more information please contact hydrogen@kiwa.com.