11 June 2020

Kiwa offers service for testing surgical face masks according to EN 14683

The Covid-19 corona virus will remain with us for a longer period of time. Therefore, the demand for medical face masks remains high. Kiwa can now test surgical face masks according to EN 14683.

Medical face masks

There are two kinds of professional face masks presented to the market: personal protective masks under EN 149 standard and surgical masks under EN 14683. Surgical face masks are primarily used to protect patients from contamination from health care providers. Because this often involves vulnerable people, it is vital that quality medical face masks are used. Kiwa Netherlands tests surgical face masks according to the European standard EN 14683.

EN 14683 standard

The requirements that surgical face masks must meet are described in the European standard EN 14683. This standard describes the requirements within the various application areas with regard to the filtering efficiency of the filter, the breathing resistance, the microbial cleanliness and the splash resistance.

Testing by Kiwa

For manufacturers and importers of surgical face masks and purchasers of hospitals and other healthcare institutions, Kiwa Netherlands is the one-stop shop for testing against the standard EN 14683. We test the bacterial filter efficiency of the mask, the bacterial growth, breathing resistance and resistance to liquid splashes (according to ISO 22609).

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